Thursday, May 31, 2007


mum's going to baclaran today.. so she asked me to make a list of what I need for the baby.
I didn't know what to put! haha!

Diaper Bag
Lampin Clips
Feeding Bottles
Brush for cleaning bottles
Baby Carrier
Sterilizer (umasa) hehe!

...was what I came up with. Haha!
I already have clothes for baby kasi, dami na.

Monday, May 21, 2007

babyshower 05.19.07

had a babyshower last saturday.
a few came.
dami food.

here a a few pics:

for more babyshower pics. click here

Friday, May 11, 2007


Thursday, May 10, 2007

giving up sweets.

it's been awhile since i posted here.
coz the internet connection here in my room is just wack. but i fixed it already. had to take out the computer table though. so now my computer is on the floor and I'm here on my bed typing this haha! pangtamad!

so what's been happening?
well, I'm gonna be tested for gestational diabetes next week. I had a Glucose Challenge a week ago and they found sugar in my blood so now they're recommending that I do OGTT. I forgot what that stands for (Oral Glucose Test something), it's when they get blood from me then make me drink this glucose orange thing and take blood again every hour. i think that test would last for 3-4 hours and i'm not also allowed to eat 8 hours before the test! It's gonna be one hell of a hungry day for me! bwahaha!
I hope I don't have gestational diabetes. I've been cutting down on sweets and rice and bread lately. i hope my diet will be worthit haha. it's hard to give up sweets (eventhough before this pregnancy I'm really not into cakes and icecreams), sometimes I even dream of eating sweets!! haha!

other than the possibility of me having gestational diabetes, everything's in check. the baby's normal. normal size, etc. and did I mention before that I had UTI but it's all gone now as well.