Sunday, February 25, 2007

the improved me.

It's sunday. And later this afternoon, I'll be hearing mass with my sweetie.

For the people who know my family and I personally, It's kinda surprising that I would hear mass.
And if I tell you I've been praying before I go to bed for a month now. Would you believe me?
Hehe! coz It's true. :-)
And to think I have never really prayed constantly before even when I was a kid. Maybe except for the rosary that my lola insists that we pray every night which I would try to get out of by pretending to be asleep.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not all religious now, and I'm not gonna preach or anything like that. I just decided to make God the center of my life.. and maybe make it easier for me to go on with life now that I'll be having a baby. It's nice to know that someone has my back, u know :)

Well, I've got my sweetie to thank for the improved me :-)


Anonymous said...

aba nax nman. nagdrasal na...hehe

jay said...

paolo nga pla toh...sorry

alphafemme said...

hope all is well, cara! :)

i can't wait to see my pseudo-pamangkin. hehehe :p

Cara Luisa Tejada said...

@paolo: hehe yeah. bagong buhay :P

@iya: pupunuin ko ng baby pics tong blog ko sa future hehe :)