Friday, March 2, 2007

30 facts about me today :)

30 unknown facts/secrets about

1. What were you doing this morning at
- cooking bacon and sunnysideup na egg! :)

2. What were you doing fifteen minutes
- I was eating what I cooked :)

3. Are you any good at math?
- sabi nga ni angel. 99% nerd sa math Haha! :) pero nung Algeb lang yun ng 1st yr college. b4 nun and after nun--wala haha

4. Are you mad at anyone right now?
- nope :)

5. Do you know the words to the song
on your MySpace profile?
- Yeah. coz that song was on repeat lagi sa winamp ko dati

6. Last thing received in the mail?
- probably from Multiply

7. How many different drinks have you
had today?
- So far I had Water and IcedTea

8. Do you ever leave messages on
people's answering machine?
- nope

9. Any plans for tonight?
- As usual. nuod ng PBB Haha!

10. Do you draw your name in the sand
when you go to the beach?
- sometimes :)

11. What's the most painful dental
procedure you've had?
- I'm scared of the dentist. so pasta lang siguro haha!

12. What's outside your front door?
- steps then gate

13. Do you have plans on friday night?
- Tonyt's friday night. As I've mentioned kanina, I probably will be at home lang watching PBB. Sana puntahan ako ng sweetie ko ;)

14. Do you like the ocean?
- yep :)

15. Have you ever received one of
those big tins of 3 different popcorn?
- nope

16. Have you ever been to a
- guess not

17. Something you are excited about...
- My baby :) although kinakabahan ako sa panganganak

18. Who around you has the most
- I dunno.

19. Are any of your great-grandparents
still alive?
- no eh

20. Where do you keep your change?
- coinpurse :P

21. When was the last time you spoke
in front of a large group of people?
- hmmm.. cguro nung training sa hsbc.

22. Do you like anyone right now?
- cors! Love pa! :)

23. What was the weather like on your
- Malamiglamig ata nun. nagklasakit ako after eh. nahamugan

24. What do you want to do for your
next birthday?
- I dunno. tagal pa nun. But I sure wanna spend it with my Family :)

25. If you could change your name,
what would it be?
- I like my name as it is. Hay naku, Can't even think of a name for my baby eh

26.Do you like your middle name?
- middle name as in yung Luisa or my Mothers surname? well I like it both. yung Luisa lang dati ayaw ko pero now love it na

27. Who are you thinking about right
- First person that came into mind was my sweetie. I wonder if gising na siya :)

28. Do you consider your best friends
- cors!

29. Favorite foods?
- andami! pero ngayon natutuwa ako pag beefsteak ulam namin :)

30. Favorite Alcoholic beverage?
- Absolut Kurant or Margarita. Kaso Bawal uminom na eh :P

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