Monday, March 5, 2007

Rainbow brite addiction

Remember this?

Haha! I was so addicted to this before! :)
ask my parents or my cousins..
I watch this everyday! As in The movie ah, tas paulitulit ko pinapanuod everyday!
It was in Betamax pa nun! lol

And then about 3-4 years ago. I found My copy of Rainbow brite. yung betamax. eh ayos pa yung player namin. So I tried watching again.
I couldn't remember the story na nga eh.
And I turned it off kagad coz It SUCKS! haha! lol


Arthur/Nurikane said...

Hi Cara! Great entry. I used to have some glimpses of Rainbow Brite when I was around seven (in 1985). Tanda ko na pala! However, I had to switch the channel knob to watch my favourite cartoon Thundercats. Heheheh! ^_^

Michelle Ballesca Suarez said...

haha! oh yes i was a witness to this rainbow brite obsession (the more apt word for it)! every morning cara would pop in the betamax tape in their player and watch "rainbow brite and the star stealers". after the movie, may pahabol pa na episode ng rainbow brite na ni-record from channel 9. hahaha! oh and then after watching, she goes karaoke-ing with me. yup that was the life!

Cara said...

bwahahaha! I didnt know that ah :) aliw!

Katy said...

Do you still have that Rainbow Brite betamax tape? I'd be interested in buying it from you if you do :) Or even if you don't want to sell it, I'd love to ask you some questions about it. Please email me at Thanks! :)